Why buy a Gibson Guitar?

gibson Guitar

There are several reasons to buy a Gibson guitar and every year thousands of people throughout the world do so. Gibson has been making guitars for over 100 years now. Orville Gibson sent up the Gibson Corporation in 1896.

At first, they only made Mandolins, but in 1919, they started to make guitars, which were becoming more popular, so represented a bigger market. The firm had the expertise to make guitars because from the start they made custom instruments including harp guitars.

A reputation for quality

Gibson has a well-deserved reputation for making good quality instruments. When you buy a Gibson guitar, you know you are buying a guitar that will sound good and that will last.


There are even a few Gibson guitars from the 1930s still in use today. The oldest known Gibson instrument is a harp guitar from 1906, so there is no doubt that instruments made by Gibson are built to last.

collection of gibsons

Affordable guitars

Despite being top quality Gibson guitars are far from the most expensive on the market. They represent true value for money. In addition, the range of guitars they sell is amazing.

A huge choice of guitar styles

It really does not matter what style of music you play you will find a Gibson guitar to suit you. As a company, Gibson has continued to innovate, so produces guitars with cutting-edge technology built into them.


Great support and aftercare

In addition, the support and after-care you get from Gibson is second to none. They still sell the majority of their instruments via an official distributor network. Shops and suppliers in that network all adhere to high standards of customer service.


Where to Buy a Gibson Guitar

Years ago if you wanted to buy Gibson guitar you had to find a music shop that was Gibson authorised dealer. Unfortunately, there are not that many music shops left on the UK’s High Streets and the same is happening in other countries. Fortunately, a number of official Gibson dealers now sell online.

How to buy a Gibson online

The fact that they sell online means that they are able to offer a wider range of Gibson guitars. By shopping online, you often get a better choice than you would if you went to a High Street store.

In addition, you are able to shop around and find the Gibson guitar you want for the best price. Those websites that are authorised Gibson dealers usually state this is the case on their website. If possible, buy your guitar from an unauthorised dealer that has a website. This will ensure that you are buying a genuine Gibson guitar and that you can benefit from their brilliant after sales service.

Taking care of your Gibson guitar

There is a big market for second hand Gibson guitars. The fact that they are well made makes them great used instruments. If you look after your guitar you will be able to get a good price for it when you are ready to buy your next instrument.