Folk Music and why they produce great live acts

Folk Music Produces Great Live Acts

People are moved by music that has soul. Everyone loves music, especially powerful music because it can uplift people.

For centuries, folk music has been the music of working class people who sing it to share their experience of life with the world. It has strong traditions that are passed from generation to generation.

Folk music with soul

Folk performers have strong feelings about their music and this comes over in the way in which they perform. Their audiences are uplifted when they see them perform live, which is one reason people enjoy live folk events so much.

A chance to sing along

It is very rare that you will go to a folk gig and not see the audience really engaged. Most people sing along and dance. This is the case regardless of the genre of folk being played or the age of the audience.

A huge choice of styles and genres

Another reason folk music engages is that a wide variety of instruments is used. This means that the melodies produced are rich and complicated giving folk music, especially live performances, a unique feel. This is part of the reason folk music appeals to such a wide range of ages and cuts across classes. People from all kinds of musical backgrounds end up getting involved in the folk scene because it gives them the chance to play their instrument in a different way and stretch themselves.

The change to get close to the band

Folk music is often performed at small venues giving the performance a very intimate feel, which audiences love. Even better is the fact that these small venues often come in the form of a pub, so the audience can enjoy a pint whilst listening. It is not unusual for folk musicians to perform off stage amongst the audience. For the audience this is engaging and makes it more likely that they will join in.

Good music and exciting dance

In the UK, many folk bands include dance as part of their performance. Recently traditional dance has enjoyed a renaissance because of folk bands touring with traditional dance troupes. The sound of the dancers’ feet complements the rhythm of the music and gives the whole gig an extra layer of energy and buzz. In fact, recently, clog dancing has undergone such a renascence that traditional clog makers cannot keep up with demand.

The best way to experience folk music

No matter what your background or your current musical tastes you will love live folk music. It is very different, but appeals to everyone. So next time you see a folk event advertised, why not give it a go.

If you are new to folk, one of the best ways to experience the genre is to go to a folk festival. There are many different genres everything from traditional folk to folk punk and a festival is a good way to experience the full spectrum. It is a great way to check out new bands, but is also a good way to see the big stars of folk like Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Ben Harper and Holly Near.

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