The Boston Piano


The Boston piano brand is very popular throughout the world. The Boston is a relatively inexpensive piano that is suitable for all kinds of players. Despite its relatively low cost it is actually a top class piano.

Steinway & Sons Make the Boston Piano

The best piano makers in the world, Steinway & Sons designed the Boston. Obviously, the fact that they designed it helps people to trust the Boston brand.


However, their trust is not misplaced, Steinway ensure that the same level of care is applied to the Boston piano manufacturing process as is applied to the manufacture of their more expensive concert pianos. The materials used for the components are different, so the Boston does have a different sound, but this means that it lends itself to many different kinds of music.

The Boston was first launched in 1992 in an effort to ensure that everyone has the chance to experience the magic of playing on a Steinway Piano. It is quickly becoming Steinway’s best selling piano, with over 5,000 being made each year.

The Kawai factory in Hamamatsu, Japan and the factory in Karawan, Indonesia both make the Boston Piano and do so to exacting standards. Both factories are equipped with a state of the art manufacturing line that enables them to produce pianos relatively quickly without compromising on build quality.


In 2009, Steinway launched their Performance Edition Boston. This piano includes a grand inner rim made from maple, which results in a different tone that, as the name suggests, makes it more suitable for performances.

You can buy vertical Boston pianos in three sizes or grand Boston pianos in five sizes. Their versatility means that the best music schools including Aspen, Bowdoin, Brevard, Ravinia, and Tanglewood all use these pianos.

The Best Place to Buy a Boston Piano

To find the best selection of Boston pianos you need to find a Steinway dealer. Occasionally you will find a used Boston piano for sale. If you are lucky, you will find a firm in your area that will allow you to hire and try one in your own home before actually buying one.

Boston upright

Wherever you buy your Boston, you need to check the instrument. The best way to do this is to play it.

Think about aftercare and support

Try to find a firm or seller that can offer you a good aftercare service. Pianos are sensitive instruments that need to be taken care of. You need to have your piano tuned and cleaned on a regular basis, which is why buying your piano from a dealer makes sense.

Consider buying a used Boston piano

The fact that the piano has been on the market for over twenty years now means that there are an increasing number of used Boston pianos out there. Because they are solidly built they make a great first piano, so it is always worth checking out the classifieds to see if you can buy a second hand one. Sometimes people will give away a piano to anyone who will pick it up from them. They just need the space and want rid of the piano, so will happily give one away.

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